Running Bingo for a Fund-Raising Event

Are you looking to raise funds for a charity project? Or is your charity organization looking for a great way to raise funds? One good fund-raising event would be to hold a bingo. We'll discuss what a charitable organization, or even anyone for that matter, needs to do to start a bingo and have a great fund-raising event.

Bingo is such a great fund-raising activity. Most people think that only churches run a bingo for their own fund-raising events. That's not really true, because anyone can run a fund-raising event and have bingo on it. So why should a charity (or anyone for that matter) think to use bingo for fund-raising?

One fact is certain, and that is a whole lot of people really would love to gamble. Among all the different forms of gambling, bingo counts as one of the most popular ones out there. One facet of bingo is that it is already popularly known as a social event that can be used for fund-raising.

Here are the things a charity organization or any individual needs to do to start a bingo for a fund-raising event. To start a bingo the first item we need to do is to apply for a permit. Of course there will be documentary requirements to obtain a bingo permit. The first bit of legality that anyone will encounter is the necessary documentary proof that your organization is a charity organization.

Most likely when applying for a permit to run a bingo you'll be required to submit your organization's name and tax exempt number. This will be required to prove that your organization is indeed a registered charity. This information is not only useful to run a fund-raising event using bingo but is necessary to run other fund-raising activities as well.

After you have secured a permit the next item on the list are the equipment and supplies to actually have a bingo event. That can be easily solved since there are a lot of companies that sell these. They would welcome anyone who is having a fund-raising event. At times they may even give you a discount.

The equipment you'll need primarily would be the bingo cards to get the fund-raising event going. You'll also need chips or markers so people can cover or mark the numbers on their cards. You'll also need a drum, that'll be pretty much the same as the one used for a lottery. The last piece of equipment you'll need to have the fund-raising activity would be balls that would have the bingo numbers on them.

You may rent the drum and balls if you're planning to have a one-time fund-raising event but if you think to hold more than one event (which would be more likely) then it's better to buy one. Then you're set a date for the bingo and send out invites and advertise. You then can decide what the prize pool is going to be whether it'll be a fixed amount of cash or a percentage of the amount the event will collect.

Running a bingo for a fund-raising event is a great way to raise funds for charity. Given all these tips, actually having one isn't going to be much of a hassle on your part.